Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips For Fall Or Winter

Fall is a beautiful time, but not always for your carpet. While the fall colors can be a beautiful site to see, the falling leaves, rains, and mud that come with the fall months can wreak havoc on your carpet. The problem can worsen if you share your home with pets or have kids who love to play outdoors. These simple carpet cleaning tips will help you keep your home looking its best all year round.

Not only can all of this dirt and debris damage the appearance of your carpet, but it can also cause the fibers to break down more quickly and long-term stains to set in. That is unless you find a professional carpet cleaning service to give your carpet the deep clean it needs to look fresh and new again.

At Anthony Peter Carpet & Upholstery, we know that your carpet is one of the first impressions of your home, and its cleanliness also affects your home’s overall look and feel. Whether you need specific stain removal or want to clean up high-traffic areas, we have the cleaning solutions you want and need. Don’t let the fall season spill onto your carpet. Contact Anthony Peter Carpet & Upholstery cleaning company today to schedule your carpet cleaning service and follow the simple fall tips below to keep it looking good between cleaning visits.

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Fall & Winter

Apply Scotch Guard to Your Carpet

Adding a Scotch guard to your carpet is a great way to provide added protection during the fall season. A scotch guard will create a protective barrier around your carpet fibers, making it easier to remove stains by keeping the stain on the surface of the fibers so it doesn’t absorb.

Invest in Some Doormats

One of the best ways to keep the dirt from outside from getting onto your carpet is by getting rid of it before it can reach it. Place some doormats by each entrance so guests can dry off and remove dirt, leaves, and mud from their shoes before stepping on a carpeted area.

Stay Vigilant About Pathway and Entryway Cleaning

There is likely foot traffic on your carpet and through your entryways. The dirt in the entryways and pathways can quickly lead to dirty carpets if not kept clean. Keep the area swept and wipe it with clean water and a clean cloth to remove mud and grime and prevent it from being tracked onto your carpet.

Remove Your Shoes When Entering

One of the best ways to practice good carpet care is limiting the carpet’s exposure to outside allergens and dirt. Remove shoes when entering your home and ask guests to do the same. This will limit the dirt brought into your home and confine it to one area.

Vacuum More Frequently

Vacuum your carpet and area rugs at least every other day during the fall. Using a vacuum cleaner to regularly pick up pet hair, dirt, and other debris is a great way to extend your carpet’s life and help keep the fall weather out of your home where it belongs. Frequent vacuuming will eliminate debris and reduce dust mites, pollen, and other fall allergy triggers around your home.

Alter Your Furniture Design

You can help to reduce the wear on your carpet as well as reduce high-traffic areas by reconfiguring your room’s furniture once in a while. You will protect new areas from dirt and move around areas where foot traffic is more common, allowing for more even wear on the carpet.

Keep Your Vacuum Filter Clean and Free of Debris

The filters in vacuums are a great way to trap allergens, dirt, and pollutants and remove them from your home. Unfortunately, if you don’t take proper care of these filters, they can become clogged, work less efficiently, and even cause more dirt to fall into your carpet. Check your filter regularly and wipe it down with a clean white cloth if it is dirty.

Address Spills Immediately

While avoiding spills is the best method for keeping your carpet clean, when they do occur, taking care of them immediately will lower your risk of having a permanently stained area. While there are different cleaning methods for removing stains, a popular DIY spot removal hack is to mix warm water, a little dish soap, and white vinegar. Use a spray bottle to apply it to the stained area and blot the stain with a paper towel or clean white cloth.

Remove Dirt and Debris When You See It

While it is essential to remain vigilant about stains, removing dirt and debris from the carpet as soon as it is detected is just as important. Keep a hand-held vacuum ready and charged to pick up dirt immediately.

Keep Upholstery Clean

Keeping the upholstery on your furniture and drapes clean will prevent dirt and debris from landing on your carpet. Wash drapes if possible and regularly vacuum and stain treat your upholstery. You may also want to consider a once-a-year upholstery cleaning to keep it fresh and preserve its longevity.

Freshen Your Carpet With Baking Soda

A quick way to neutralize the odors in your carpet and adsorb additional moisture is by freshening it up with some baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda liberally around your carpet. Wait for two hours, and then vacuum it up. Baking soda is also excellent for removing pet odors.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are you supposed to vacuum before carpet cleaning?

Your professional carpet cleaning company will likely perform light vacuuming as part of its cleaning process. Still, giving the cleaned area a thorough vacuum before they arrive is always a good idea.

Should you rinse the carpet after shampooing?

During your professional cleaning, your technician will thoroughly rinse the area after shampooing, making sure to address areas that were heavily cleaned, such as entryways and high-traffic areas.

Should you vacuum after carpet cleaning?

Since carpet cleaning can sometimes wick up dirt deep in the carpet fibers, giving the space a good vacuum after it dries is a good idea.

How long should you wait before vacuuming after professional carpet cleaning?

Depending on the weather and the cleaning process, it can take 6 to 12 hours for your carpet to dry completely. With certain fibers, it can take up to 24 hours. It should be dried entirely before vacuuming. Your carpet cleaning professional will let you know how long you must wait before drying your carpet.

What are the best ways to get the carpet stains out?

Hot water steam cleaning and target stain treatment are among the best ways to remove carpet stains. Your carpet professional will pre-treat carpet stains before cleaning and follow up with cleaning after it is necessary.

What are the benefits of professional carpet cleaning?

Having your carpet professionally cleaned comes with a wide range of benefits. It can improve not only the look but also the longevity of your carpet. It also helps to reduce allergens, odors, and dust mites, helping to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

While maintaining spot treatment is critical, you must only have your carpets professionally cleaned once every 12 to 18 months. If you have pets in the home, you may want to make sure to have them cleaned every year to improve the longevity of your carpet.

What is the best way to clean your carpets professionally?

Professional carpet cleaning that will achieve the best results involves using a carpet cleaning machine that utilizes steam to break down dirt and stains in the carpet so that they can be drawn up to the surface and removed. This is usually most effective when combined with a stain treatment on spots.

We Help You With All of Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

At Anthony Peter Carpet & Upholstery, our professional carpet cleaners know how important your carpet’s cleanliness is to your home’s overall appearance. Our highly-trained professionals will find the right solution for your carpet cleaning needs and work hard to achieve your desired results. Ready to enjoy a fresh, clean carpet this fall? Contact Anthony Peter Carpet & Upholstery today to schedule an appointment.

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